What We Do

Through our firm and the consortium, we offer solution broad range or solution specific services in all areas of business and technology to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Additionally, we provide CXO services where we can fill positions in your organization including CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CMO and CVO.

Types of Services

We offer a broad range of solution specific services in all areas of business and technology to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.

Category Areas
Business Operations Acquisition • CXO • Integration • Management • Mergers • Strategy
Business Startup Documentation • Due Diligence • Intellectual Property • Planning • Planning • Strategy • Walk Along
Business Turnaround Financing • Human Resources • Intellectual Property • Market Analysis & Development • Mergers & Acquisitions • Technology
Due Diligence Financing • IP • Market • Operational • Strategy • Technology
Financial Fundraising & Financing • Mergers & Acquisition • Strategy
Government Contracting Capture & Proposal • Contract • Delivery & Management • Performance • Program & Project Management
Government Relations Business Development • Crisis & Risk Management • Regulation • Relationships
Incubators Design • Due Diligence • Formation • Funding • Mentoring • Monitoring • Restructuring
Intellectual Property Commercialization • Creation • Documentation • Expansion • Ideation • Litigation Support • Procurement • Strategy
Legal Business Formation • Contracts • Financing • IP • Licensing • M & A
Marketing Identity, Messaging • PR • Product Positioning • Strategy
Media Financing • Intellectual Property • Marketing • Technology
Organizational Concept & Vision Creation • Ideation • Paper to Product • Restructuring
Philanthropy Fundraising • PR • Technology
Sales Business Development • Market Development • Strategy
Science & Engineering Electronics • Physical Sciences • Software & Hardware
Security, Privacy, Compliance & Standards Commerce • Financial • Healthcare • Internet • Mobile
Technology Acquisition • Architecture • Deployment • Development Oversight & Coordination • Due Diligence • Strategy

Technical Experience

Our business model and unparalleled advice, backed by experience and expertise, set us apart from all other consulting companies.

Industry Areas
Aerospace Nosecone Material and Design for Hypersonic Vehicles • Other • Private Space Port Design & Develop
AI, Pattern Recognition, Data Analysis Cyber Security • Deep Space Imaging • Euphoria Driven Effects on Brain EEG • EW • Financial Markets • Genetics & Bioinformatics • Homeland Security • Intelligence • Medical/Disease Imaging & Sensors • Military Target Recognition & Analysis • Natural Resources • Oil Exploration
Energy Extreme Intensity Source • Hydro-kinetic • Nuclear • Oil & Gas
Engineering Other • RFI Mitigation • Transport Stream Analysis
Financial Services Compliance • Predictive / Anticipatory Analytics and Modeling • Trading Systems and Analytics
Government Systems Emergency Management and Response Logistics • Financial and Information Warfare & Restoration • Other • Volunteer & Charity Gateway
Healthcare Biotech • Diagnostic Support • EMRs/EHRs • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Waste and Abuse • Medical Devices • Natural Language Learning & Processing • Wellness Planning & Monitoring
Information Theory Encryption • Epi/Pandemics • Financial Markets • Intelligence • Social Media & Networking
Media Compartmentalized Production • Compression • High Speed Distribution
Other Film & Theater • Incubators
Other Devices & Equipment 2K-60K Aerostats • Consumer Personal Entertainment • Mobile Tablet
Social Media & Search Augmented Reality • Dynamic Network Utilization • eCommerce • Engagement • Gamification • Hyper-local, Hyper-relevant Concepts, Design and Implementation • Mobile Application Frameworks • Science, Christian and Military Virtual Worlds • Search Engine Augmentation
Weaponry Directed Energy and High Energy Lasers • Other


Aerospace • Charities • Communications • Data Analysis • Defense • Diplomacy • eCommerce • Emergency Management • Energy • Engineering • Financial Services • Healthcare • Homeland Security • Incubators • Intelligence • Law Firms • Media • Mobile • Social Media • Think Tanks • VC firms and Angel networks

Example Clients and Projects

Box specializes in assisting entities of all sizes that find themselves needing a fresh view by experienced resources into their organization.

# Example Client or Project
1. A technology startup company developing a unique solution and science to visualize and navigate the optimal relationships and connections within social networks, sales networks, political constituents, disease infected populations, financial transactions, etc.
2. A pattern recognition and machine intelligence software development company developing solutions for healthcare, defense, financial, energy and space industries.
3. A growth stage company working on ultra - high - tech energy systems for commercial and defense uses.
4. A defense contractor with a unique data integration and mapping solution wanting to expand the solution outside of the defense industry into the healthcare and financial services markets.
5. An entrepreneur with a highly secure, rapidly deployable ID solution to provide electronic and physical IDs to the various classifications of individuals involved in a natural disaster and expansion into the commerce and financial services markets.
6. An early company with an information delivery platform providing hyper - local and hyper - relevant information.
7. A joint initiative between public, private and academia to develop new concepts in artificial intelligence to better address neuro process areas that are not substantially solved.
8. A public company needing a turnaround of their technology direction and restructuring of their nearly nonexistent intellectual property strategy into a patent portfolio based organization.
9. A mobile application company entering a new paradigm of application development.
10. A startup company providing "daily deal" like solutions for a large number of markets.
11. A social networking company developing a gamified consumer engagement system for retail, healthcare, education, entertainment and fitness.
12. A technology startup company developing technologies to create unparalleled business intelligence through big data association, relevance and affinities.
13. A technology startup company developing intelligent systems to discover and reveal data and information emergence.
14. A startup company developing innovative and noninvasive solutions to support new advertising paradigms and engaging audiences in the entertainment industry.
15. A startup company commercializing innovative real estate search and lead generation systems.
16. A startup company developing a supporting resource portal for real estate sellers, buyers, renters and agents.
17. An early stage company developing an information portal and social network for stage theater organizations.
18. A group of private investors to identify potential viable investment opportunities, provide vetting of investment opportunities under consideration, and assist in operationalizing and growing portfolio companies.
19. An initiative to provide diligence support on directed energy technologies.
20. A real estate development initiative for a multi-discipline performing arts education and performance center.
21. A startup company to overhaul an existing compliance technology and its intellectual property and commercialize the resulting product across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, aviation and others.
22. A startup company designing solutions for interacting with compressed and encrypted files.
23. An early stage company needing revitalization and assistance in the commercialization of their maritime and oil and gas platform protection solutions.